6 months ago

US Presidential Candidate Promotes “Cryptocurrency Bill of Rights” Proposal

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has come out in support of the “Cryptocurrency Bill of Rights” proposed by Vivek Ramaswamy, former Republican presidential candidate in the upcoming US Presidential election.
A cryptocurrency lawyer named MetaLawMan, posting on X (formerly Twitter), shared a summary of Ramaswamy's views on cryptocurrencies. MetaLawMan said Ramaswamy proposed that only cryptocurrency policies approved by Congress could be enforced by regulators.
Ramaswamy added that most crypto assets should be classified as commodities. Additionally, people have the right to hold digital assets in stored wallets without being regulated by government agencies.
He also proposed that the Federal Reserve Bank should be obligated to provide access to the Fed's financial facilities to stablecoin issuers. Ramaswamy also expressed concern about Tornado Cash being handled and said that developers should not be held legally responsible just for writing the source code.
In the article, Mr. Ramaswamy threatened to fire most of the SEC staff if he was elected President and pledged that the remaining people would not interfere in the Crypto industry.
The former US presidential candidate argued that most cryptocurrencies are commodities and have nothing to do with the SEC. Ramaswamy wants to reduce the influence of the SEC when the Crypto community believes that this organization is causing the slow development of the cryptocurrency industry.
However, he suspended his campaign after placing fourth in the Iowa Republican primary. He then announced his support for Donald Trump and also called on everyone to be like him. Mr. Ramaswany is said to be the only presidential candidate with a clear plan for the cryptocurrency industry. He promised to appear with Donald Trump at a rally in New Hampshire to tell everything he saw about the future of the United States.